SBS Slammer sells the best sound systems in the world, quite simply because our products are handmade. Nothing is mass-manufactured, and all components are of the highest quality, 100% analogue (not “digital”).

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Analog/ue simply sounds better, causes less audio fatigue and is preferred by audio enthusiasts (audiophiles) and proper disc jockeys. Our customers recognize quality and are buying from an audio firm that has researched, developed and manufactured nearly acoustically flawless products, selected precisely for the conditions of use with great care. Virtually every piece of equipment is hand made with the best materials that SBS Designs & SBS Slammer CEO & Audio Designer Crag Bernabeu sources across the globe for maximum fidelity. Bernabeu, also known as “Shorty” and his SBS portfolio of companies (SBS Designs, SBS Slammer, Club Analog, Analog BKNY) stand alone in the sector of analogue audio component & sound system design & creation of loudspeakers, amplifiers, processing & DJ booths, particularly dor for nightclubs with dancing, for house music & EDM.

SBS Designs & SBS Slammer is a boutique firm designing top quality sound systems for a variety of venues, including the very best nightclubs in which proprietors value the sound and book top DJs. The Sound becomes eventful in itself in nightclubs with SBS Slammer sound systems, and they attract Top DJs at lower fees.

Besides the world’s leading nightclubs, SBS Slammer systems are ideal for high-end lounges and bars, professional recording studios, top record label’s listening rooms offices, and other unique applications.


SBS Audio Designer Craig Bernabeu extensively prototypes new technology and selects which components go into production for the constantly evolving SBS Product Line. He tests new product offerings at SBS Slammer Showroom at Analog BKNY (which has draws comparison to the 1970s-80s institution of clubbing & sound, The Paradise Garage, which many audiophiles thought would never be bestowed upon another sound system). The professional accolades for the SBS Slammers have them widely considered the best sound systems for a nightclub in the world today. There is no dissent once a dj or audiophile has heard it, much less measured it for its accuracy, lack of audio fatigue and the indefinable pleasure for clubbers on the dance floor and in the perfectly mirrored dj booths for DJs.

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As each system is custom-designed and built, SBS Slammer Sound Systems are generally available in approximately 3 months from the date of contract. For purchase with license to use the SBS Slammer brand in connection with its commercial use at approved venues.

Rental Systems are also available worldwide upon request.

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