SBS Designs S6 Pro Amplifier Available Exclusively with SBS Slammer Sound

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SBS Slammer Series one V3 ground Stacks upgrade coming very soon, The most dramatic update yet to Analog Getting ready to take Analog BKNY to an entirely new level, shown here are two 2018 SBS Designs S6 Pro Class AB + B High current 2 ohm Stable Amplifier. The new and improved Class AB + B 2 ohm stable high current S6 Pro. Front Panel Cosmetic Update: New High Quality Paint finish & New Font with Grey Red and White color scheme VU Meter Display: New and improved multiple color VU Meter display, for increased visual Stereo recording & playback monitoring. Internal Design Updates & Improvements: 36 Custom made to spec output devices 2 x the amount of Transistors Larger heat since made to spec for better cooling and improved sound quality Made to Spec Power Capacitors with high current Storage capacity . I/O rear panel: Switchable parallel Stereo & Mono input stage Step Attenuation Pots . Power Cord: 10 GA 30 amp power cord . Specifications: To Be Announced . Availability Debut TBA: The 2018 SBS Designs S6 Pro Class AB+B amplifier to debut at our state of the art Nightclub showroom, Analog BKNY. . SBS Designs is sold EXCLUSIVELY with the one of a kind Hifi Analog Hand made SBS Slammer sound Systems More pics of what else will be apart of this dramatic major upgrade to Analog BKNY Analog BKNY 177 2nd Ave Brooklyn NY 11215

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