SBS Chief Audio Engineer Announces the Development of the First DJ Mixer by SBS Slammer

Craig Bernabeu announced on Friday, October 13, 2017 that SBS Slammer, a division of C.M.B. Productions, was developing its first proprietary DJ Mixer to add to its successful line of high fidelity, fully analogue audio components.

Bernabeu indicated that that he had conceptualized an  “SBS Version [of the] ARS on a special 4100 mixer” but with “drastic changes”. The renowned Audio Designer is known for disrupting the notion that digital technology produces better sound. Bernabeu favors rethinking classic analogue technology for modern-day high fidelity sound systems. The SBS Slammer takes a decidedly 100% analogue approach to sound.

He continued: “I was blown away by the…6700 on the SBS Slammer I.ntelligence Series at Nowadays […] as it triumphed” over the “original Bozak, Urei [and] E&S by not only my thoughts but public vote” as well.

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\Bernabeu’s favored mixers, until this announcement, have been rotary mixers such as the Urei 1620, ARS 6700, Bozak AR-6 or the Rane MP/XP 2016. Ever discontent with the sound quality and functionality of audio components, Bernabeu has fast-tracked the SBS DJ Mixer in his Research & Development division of his SBS Slammer firm.

The announcement capped off an already momentous week for the SBS Slammer CEO & Chief Audio Engineer in which he:

  1. successfully orchestrated the highly applauded debut performance by London’s Radio One DJ Pete Tong at Bernabeu’s own nightclub Analog BKNY;
  2. fine-tuned the i.ntelligence series SBS Slammer sound system set to debut at the first permanent home of the “Nowadays” party, presumably in late Fall 2017;
  3. outfitted a 60,000 square foot mammoth Brooklyn warehouse with 6 mighty Analogue Stacks from SBS Slammer’s Rental Division (plus amplification and proprietary  processors by SBS Designs) for a One Night Only event on Saturday, October 14, 2017.  The rental came on short notice in response to awesome critical acclaim about a recent one-off installation by Bernabeu in the same space.

Like all new product offerings, each SBS Product is offered first at Analog BKNY, which doubles as the Showroom of the SBS Slammer and a thriving nightclub.

He continues: “I am so happy to be able to offer a new mixer of vintage lineage for future installs[. When] his passes my test the Urei at Analog BKNY goes bye bye and will be a spare….. More soon.”

Stay tuned for for Product Development updates, specifications and deployment dates and locations at the SBS Slammer Online #homebass at