SBS Slammer Analogue Sound Systems

SBS Slammer has a stellar reputation among DJs & Audiophiles for providing the finest sound systems for nightclubs and other installation applications.

The SBS Slammer Experience is fueled by full-force high-fidelity Analogue Sound.

Each SBS Slammer system is custom designed for the specifications of its application and is comprised of SBS Slammer loudspeakers and proprietary analogue amplifiers & processing. Inspired by classic sound systems of a bygone era, SBS Slammer rethinks sound  in the context of a vast digital marketplace in which marketing tricks have supplanted supreme gut-wrenching, soul-shaking experiences on a dance floor.

DJs prefer it. Audiophiles measure and feel it as sonically supreme. Club goers flock to it and crave more. Clubs with SBS Slammers consistently win awards for Best Sound System over its competitors with mass-manufactured, plasticlike components.

Music sounds better with Analog.

Through extensive research & development for SBS Slammer & SBS Designs products, Audio Engineer & SBS CEO Craig Bernabeu has redefined excellence for sonic performance for dance floor applications. SBS Slammer Cabinets (Loudspeakers) are exponentially redefining sonic performance for nightclub sound systems, having unleashed an unlikely “Analogue Revolution”.SBS Slammer delivers high commercial viability for nightclub venues, drastically reducing the need for digital-era trickery and offering the highest ROI in an otherwise volatile nightlife sector. Well-maintained SBS Slammer sound systems retain their resale value, and SBS Slammer loudspeakers are endowed with a 5 year warranty (10 years on amplifiers and processors).