Dr. Antonio Hyder on the Advantages of a Sound System by SBS Slammer

Analog BKNY by Craig Bernabeu is the world’s best club audio system.

There will only be one Analog installation per city maintaining exclusivity so that the customer can reap the high returns. Analog BKNY is the sonic system you need to order if you want to become the leading music club in your city, taking your entertainment business to the maximum level and increasing the financial returns.

The best sound system I had ever heard was STEREO MONTREAL in 2006 when owned by David Morales, also designed by Craig Bernabeu . Since then I’ve heard the major systems around the world including the current Stereo installation, Sankey’s [Ibiza], Cielo, Ministry of Sound, Zouk [Singapore] as well as high end systems across Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Turkey, China, Australia, Japan, USA and the UK.

With no doubt, I can comfortably confirm that Analog BKNY is #1 in the world.

Why? It is clean and clear, and conveys the musical message in a sublime way. No other sound system does this. I’ve heard it playing high and low, and it stays the same: clear and clean.

The SBS Slammer system at Analog BKNY wants to make you dance. You feel the energy and the strength from the recordings. The sonic experience keeps you magnetised. The bass is unrivaled: it nurtures and soothes your soul. Play it high and it just remains stable. Other systems just don’t get there. They simply aren’t the same thing.

Analog is a great business opportunity for entertainment entrepreneurs.

The same Analog system that exists in Brooklyn (Analog BKNY) can be installed in your city and this will definitely attract a grand market and produce economic profits. Don’t miss out on this opportunity before anyone else gets it. There will only be one analogue system per city. We can provide a spreadsheet demonstrating how venue profits increase when installing an Analog SBS system by Craig Bernabeu.

Dr. Antonio Hyder, Professor of Technology Marketing, The Open University • Stanford University

“How I Created Alicante[, Spain]’s 1st International Brand

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