SBS Slammer at the Final Sound Factory Event (NYC)

Sound Factory (530 West 27th Street, New York City) rivaled the Paradise Garage for its impeccable analogue sound system and it set the bar for every major nightlife brand that came during and after it, with clubs like Ministry of Sound having been based directly on its concept and focus on its sound system. Its main resident DJs, Frankie Knuckles & Junior Vasquez, arguably performed at their best on the Factory’s sound system. It was open and influenced nightclub sound (and music) from 1989–1995.

Its owner went on to open a wildly successful spin-off of the same name in another location on 618 W. 46th St. despite its sound system being no comparison to that of the original space (which later became Twilo, where SBS Slammer Chief Audio Engineer & CEO, cut his teeth as its sound technician under the direction of Phazon Audio Engineer Steve Dash and for former RLA affiliate Phil Smith, who owned and operated Twilo).


In early 2015, the most recent Sound Factory Event was held at a one-off location. Factory owner Richard Grant was discontent with the sound of every venue in NYC and hired SBS Slammer to custom install a one-off rental system with 100% analogue sound in the tradition of the original Factory Sound System.

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