Mathematician Shikhir Arora Measures the SBS Slammer at Analog BKNY

Cleanest sound separation I have seen from a club soundsystem to date. This was taken two feet away from the center of the SBS Slammer with an iPhone measuring at 96 kHz – the separation in the high, mid, and low ranges is stunning. Even with the internal microphone on my cell phone, with the new tweeter and amp upgrades the spectrogram shows the changes in frequency by the millisecond.

The high frequency upgrade from the initial system is stunning. Also, even at PEAK the SPL is measured at ~90 dB and this is consistent throughout. That makes it so comfortable to the ear.

You can only hear the system in person to experience it, but the fact that such clear separation is achieved with a noisy club environment shows that the Slammer is the BEST sound in NYC.