Bruce Forest on Craig Bernabeu of SBS Slammer & SBS Designs

Nightclub legend of #BetterDays, #BruceForest (Producer of #Madonna, #EltonJohn, #BruceSpringsteen and many other pop acts) came to audition the sound system at #AnalogBKNY.

Below is what he had to say about the #SBSSlammer hifi analogue sound system at #AnalogBKNY.

The Slammer at Analog BKNY is one of the best systems i have ever heard! Playing source material that is far better than the stuff that the DJs play on, it will be a religious experience…

You are the best PA guy since Richard Long, no contest!

I haven’t heard a club system like this since the Golden Age of club systems. It’s insanely clean, but has sledgehammer bass if you want it.

Additionally Shorty has built a booth with more sound control that I’ve ever seen, and has gone out of his way to make sure the source (vinyl CDJs controllers) can be connected via RME to make digital source material sound flawless.

The amp room is a audio geek’s dream and cooled with dedicated AC…

Shorty’s innovating like Richard Long did back in the day, but with even more custom advanced tech.

I haven’t heard anything like Analog’s system since King Street but the comparison would be a little unfair. PG was a system built with 70s/80s technology, and while it was fabulous, I equate it with a fine old Rolls Royce. Carefully crafted, lovingly maintained, nice performance…

Analog is more like a […] Ferrari.

While fully analog, it uses technology not even dreamed of in 1975, has far more control over the source material than PG, and along with Shorty’s “magic boxes” (isolators, “Membrane”…), it allows a good DJ to do things that never could have been done at PG…

Hey, there is nothing wrong with a stunning 1975 Rolls Royce. It’s a classic, highly admired, and deserving of all the adulation.
But personally, IMVHO, if I’m heading out onto a track, I’ll take the Ferrari. 😎 B[ruce]


Post-Script: Bruce Forest on Source Playback on the SBS Slammer:
Sonic artists from Alex Rosner to Mark Levinson to Richard Long to Shorty all focus on repro, and then slap CDJs in, or let DJs plug crappy NI hardware into the Urei.

I focus on the digital files, and how they get to the Urei. Basically, if I take one of my hi bitrate vinyl rips and play it through my setup and DAC, it will sound better than the same piece of vinyl played on 1200s with a Stanton.

You guys work hard to build great PAs and then DJs play crap on them. Ask Craig about what high end source does to a killer PA. B[ruce]”