2018 Grand Slammer Prototype Loudspeakers by SBS Slammer

The Ultimate Ground Stack: The SBS Slammer FGS (Front Loaded Grand Slammer) 215 for dual 15, 315 For Trip 5 & FGS 218 for Dual 18 and FGS 212 3 way modular Horn-Loaded High-Fidelity Loudspeakers designed to be coupled with two Grand Slammer Bass Horns in a full Trapezoid Enclosure.

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The front will measure to 96 in 8 ft. The length and rear width will be: for Quad 18s, Quad or Six 15 in Mid-Bass Horn-Loaded.The Mid-High 2-way 3-way Hybrid will be available with two or three Horn-Loaded 10 in or 12 in Mids with 3 Mid-High Horns and 3 High Frequency Tweeters.

Power amps will be two SBS Designs S6 Pro on subs with a pure 4400 watts continuous over 100 Volts of Class AB High Current power. The Mid-Bass in the FGS 215 or 315 will Be one SBS Designs S6 Pro for a clean continuous 3200 watts and over 100 volts of current of Class AB high current power. Low-Mid on the FGM 212 (Front Loaded Grand Slammer) will be the SBS Designs S5 Pro high current Pure Class AB amp 1100 Watts continuous. The Mid-High running 2 or 3 compression Drivers will be the all new SBS Designs S3 Pro with a Frequency Response from 5 Hz to 300KHz with a slew rate of 150 V/US for the ultimate Fidelity. High Frequency Tweeters will run off the SBS Designs S2 Pro.

The Ultimate Ground Stack…. The SBS Slammer FGS (Front Loaded Grand Slammer) 215 for dual 15, 315 For Trip 5 & FGS…

Posted by The SBS Slammer on Saturday, September 16, 2017